Each one of our classrooms is designed to specifically support and encourage a child’s growth depending on his or her age group. Here are a few examples:

Infants: (4 wk - 12 mo.)This room includes plenty of floor space and appropriate materials to promote optimal development.

Toddlers: (12 mo - 3 yr) - These rooms address the age group’s wide range of social, physical, creative, and cognitive developmental skills.

Preschoolers: (3yr & 4yr) These rooms are designed to allow children the opportunity to explore and learn with a variety of stations that motivate their imagination and desire to learn.

School-Agers:(5yr - 12 yr) These children are provided with environments that encourage social interaction, individual exploration and opportunities to promote their independence. 

Part Time and Full Time Care

We offer a range or rates to help accommodate our families and community needs.