Program Description


Children of Hope participates in Washington's Early Achievers, which is Washington's Quality Rating and Improvement System. Early Achievers is a voluntary program that empowers providers and educators with coaching and resources to support each child's learning and development so they can obtain the skills they need to be successful in school and in life.

Research shows that the adults in a child’s life shape their environment, circumstances, and conditions in which a child learns and acquires skills. Child care providers who participate in Early Achievers get one-on-one coaching and training to improve the quality of the care they give children. High-quality child care helps children succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Children learn within the context of relationships. They learn through play because play to them is their work. Children learn by using all of their senses-- sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. 

Children of Hope is a safe and nurturing environment full of objects for children to feel, taste, touch, smell and manipulate. As a learning center, children are also taught how to read and write, compute basic mathematics and science, as well as biblical principles to apply to their everyday lives.